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Romania a incetat sa existe pentru o seara de duminica / povestiri

Nu era cald, ba chiar unii ar spune că era răcoare, sau chiar că le-ar fi frig: ziua fusese una noroasă, a bătut vîntul ore bune, aducînd cu el nori plumburii și picături de ploaie. Iar geamul era în continuare deschis, în ciuda protestelor iubitei care aproape tremura învelită în pătură și cu pantalonii prea lungi trași pînă peste talie.

Cu toate acestea, în ciuda condițiilor de mediu, transpirația îi apăruse la tîmple, iar picăturile de sudoare se adunau cu fiecare moment, în loc să dispară în aerul rece. Mai mult: cîteva o luară pe obraz în jos, prelingîndu-se ca niste lacrimi amare spre tastatura peste care stătea aplecat. Cîteva dintre ele îi căzură pe degete, dar nu le luă în seamă: lumea îi fusese zdruncinată din temelii. Tasta F5 era aproape scoasă din soclul ei, iar dacă tastatura n-ar fi fost atașată de restul laptopului probabil că ar fi aruncat-o de perete cu mult timp în urmă. Dar nu putea face asta, avea nevoie în continuare de calculator, de mobilitatea pe care o oferă, și pentru momet nu-și putea permite unul nou. Așa că nu putea decît să streseze tastele și să se streseze, reîmprospătînd mereu pagina. F5 după F5, Ctrl + F5 după Ctrl + F5 într-o încercare disperată de a trece de problema conexiunii și de a lua fișierele de pe server, dar mesajul rămînea mereu același:

    Unable to connect, Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at http://www.facebook.com.

        The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Lăsă baltă calculatorul, se întinse după telefon, … Romania a incetat sa existe pentru o seara de duminica / povestiri / Felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

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Business: Benefits of social networking for your small business


Before telling you about the benefits of social networking you should have some ideas about how to use them in order to get more traffic on your websites (they are or they must become an important part of your business) and how to get known over internet using this social tool that’s available for everyone. I’ve written already a few articles about how people should behave and interact with each other on Twitter, so the subject of social networking. As Twitter becames more and more popular you should try to get a public for you message, or even you can try to find some lost friends, but it’s only one of the social networks available now. Some of its Twitter rules I’ve written work for most of the social networks, as does the strategies explained.

As you may already know, there are a lot of businesses or public figures that use social networks and they are getting all the benefits they can get from this. If you are one of these persons (a public figure or a business representative using the internet tools) you won’t find too many new things in this article. Probably you can find some new ideas or a different perspective about the internet, but if you are new in this marketing field and you are gathering information about what to do then you are exactly where you should be.


Business Benefits of social networking for your small business /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: Why sports stars should be careful when using Twitter

Why sports stars should be careful when using Twitter #1

There are people saying that the sports stars are the modern gladiators competing in a world wide arena, now the the mass-media transmision (at televion, radio and online) of the sport competitions and trainings. There is a good reason for this: everybody that practice a sport have something more that an “ordinary” man, someone that sits in front of the television set or the computer and just hits the keys. Sports stars have not only the fast reaction and the stamina: they have the fame and the money, some even may say they have the aura of demigods.

The statistics say that every major company (UFC, WWE and TNA) that has embarked on usage of social media (like Twitter and Facebook) has ended up having their key business metrics (ratings, PPVs) decline. There is a reason why that happened: the stars are slowly killing their aura as stars.  The sportmen get people to talk about them, but they also make people less want to pay to see them because they understand they are realise that, after all, all athletes are still very human. The status of star was carefully developed in decades of mass-media education and entertainment and some people may lose their respect toward a sport star if they find he is just a man or a woman making the same mistake they are doing.


the internet Why sports stars should be careful when using Twitter /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: Why celebrities should be careful when using Twitter


For celebrities using Twitter (and social media in general) is a double-edged sword: they can connec with their fans (almost) any time, but everything they say will be dissected or misinterpreted by some people or by all his/her fans.

Celebrities should be careful when using Twitter in special because the message is short, only 140 characters, it’s a lot easier to misled people for whom your language is not their native language. I know you can not please all the people around you, especially as a celebrity, but you should consider that it’s very easy to start a debate if people are upset about some thing or another. One unhappy fan may gather around him other unhappy fans. So, when you are using Twitter be as clear as you can.

As a celebrity you should consider (if you don’t do it already) that everyone is following your tweets carefully. If you write something under the heat of the moment (the influence of emotions) you can tell people something you may don’t want to tell (at least for the moment or not at all) and everything can turn bad. In some cases such things already happened, but I am not going to give examples… you may know some of them and you can always search with yahoo, bing or google for others.

Twitter is a very good method to interact to your audience but don’t let it to take over your life. That’s an advice for everyone to consider, but celebrities should take care more seriously then others: they are followed by a lot of people because they are famous for doing something, not because their activity on Twitter.Managing the time and followers are a must from this point of view.


the internet Why celebrities should be careful when using Twitter /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: Why employees should be careful when using Twitter


A few years ago social networks on internet were unthinkable, something depicted from science fiction stories. Meanwhile things have changed, the internet became a part of every day life, but something remained the same as the times it was only in the imagination and plans of few people: the employers are always asking for references. Long, long time ago, when the world was in a galaxy without internet, the old fashion way as to phone the previous employer and ask him (or her) about how kind of people was the employee wanabe. Lately the job of asking references has became a lot more easier: it’s enough to search and browse the guy’s social network accounts.

The quality and the quantity of people’s tweets can be a good judge for the one who’s writing or sharing them. Some people made history with what they said, in bad and good ways… and they are or were remember for that: something written in a moment of stupidy or rage can follow the writer for the rest of his life. On the other hand, almost no employer will be interested in someone that’s loosing his time tweeting instead of doing the job he is hired to do. More, nobody will be interested in someone foolish, who speaks or writes stupid things or, at least, nothing of values.


the internet Why employees should be careful when using Twitter /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: Why politicians should be careful when using Twitter

Why politicians should be careful when using Twitter #1

Social media is something very useful when you want to send a message for the entire world in such manner that everyone interested can pick it up and read it over and over again if they are interested. Social networks can be a very powerful tools if they are used properly, if you have a good message to send and a better mind to organize the virtual world as needed. I know that the whole idea of social media interaction is treated differently around the globe, some people does not yet understand their meaning. As a old time politician, if you don’t see the use of social media stay away of them and put a specialist in communication and internet to do this job for you.

The first important thing a politician must consider when using Twitter is the misinterpretation. The length of the message is essential in Twitter: you must fit everything in only 140 characters. That’s all. It does not matter who you are (politician or not), if you want to make youself understood clearly you must write carefully every tweet you send to your followers. Misunderstanding can be translated into votes, usually in losing them. You can lose an entire campaign because you have been ambiguous in several ocasions and the word about it have been spread.

The political issues can be complicated and very hot to the public, but you have to be always objective and very clear. I am not in the position to tell you what to do, but the tweets format should encourage you to take a stand.

Remember that almost anyone can spend their time on Twitter, no matter their place in the world (the only condition is to have access to internet) and what they are using (computers, tablets… and lots and lots of phones). Your interaction with the followers can be done from the same manner: from your office, from your car (but not while driving ), from political and social meetings about hot subjects.


the internet Why politicians should be careful when using Twitter /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: How to get Twitter followers



How to get Twitter followers #1

In spite the number of problems that might appear when a Twitter user has too many followers and he or she has to interact with them (those problems can be solved with a little management of time and followers), I can say for sure that the dream of (almost) every people that’s using Twitter is to have lots and lots of people reading one’s tweets… especially after he or she gets the taste of it.

Well, there a few tricks to do this job. None of them will be substitute and can never replace the most 2 important things on Twitter: be original and follow the trends. From time to time you may found yourself in the position tostart a trend, but this is another story.

Tweet often, but create space for reactions from your followers

Common sense says and some personal observation say that the number of followers is directly proportional with how active you are on Twitter. By tweeting you are making waves, you say something in the world of Twitter and sooner or later someone, somewhere, somehow will hear you and will follow you. Of course, remeber what I’ve said earlier about originality. If you tweet too regularly and about nothing that worths reading you risk losing your followers.

Be conversational

Twitter is a microblogging site but, after all, it’s a social network. It became important because it offers an interesting method to communicate & interact with others: every time when you reply to someone and when he or she reply you everyone else see the conversation – your tweets are expodes to every user on Twitter, thousands of followers or potentionally followes that can responde to them.

Asking questions is one of the best way to start a conversation on Twitter, reply to the answers you get and put another questions. You may get your answers, but you may also get new followers.

the internet How to get Twitter followers /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: How to filter followers on Twitter

How to filter followers on Twitter #1

We all know that Twitter is big and it’s changing every day in matters of users, quantity of tweets and trends, but only some (a few number) can realise how big really is and the details of the changes. Most of the Twitter users know parts of the system as they follow and interact with less than a thousand of other people, but even in this case the quantity of messages and tweets can be too much for a people to handle alone, with no tools available. It should stay online, conected to Twitter, all the time and it would definately fail after a time.

Fortunately there are a good number of methods and application to filter the followers and their content. In Twitter you can filter followers in many ways: there are groups formed on the basis of to the people whom you are connected and those people to whom you are connected. In both categories you can make groups further to organize your work properly and you can filter the unwanted user from your account.

You can filter the users on Twitter according to what they are saying by going to the search page, entering a term to searh and saving the results of the search.

On the list option create a list with a name and description and specifying if you want to make it private or public. After saving the lis you can always add as many followers you want to filter their tweets. Only you will see the tweets from a private list, all the Twitter world can see the tweets from your public lists and follow the users.

Blocking users is a helpful tool when you get from various accounts (fake or human created accounts) send spam, engage in persistent bothering and create other problems.


the internet How to filter followers on Twitter /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: How to organize your followers on Twitter


How to interact with other Twitter users #1

Managing your time on twitter and organizing your followersdepends of the reasons you are using Twitter. Most of the users do it for fun and to meet & chat with other people, some users organize full marketing campaigns on the social networks and use this one for audience and clients gathering. In any case, interacting with other Twitter uses is almost mandatory in order to meet the full social and full features of this website.

The most important thing you must remember when you are using Twitter isauthenticity. In 2 words: be yourself. Twitter is a microblogging website designed for people interacting with other people, the result is a community of men and women talking about whaterver they like or love. Repeating all the time what others say, without adding nothing personal won’t help in any way getting followers. Everybody has something to say, there are listeners for everyone. So start saying something… or, in this case, write tweets. Don’t be very formal. Experiment and be casual.

Avoid mundane tweets about what you ate at lunch or dinner. Or about the weather in the winter mornings. Nobody might care… write instead about your passions and share your activities in a way will make people listen. They will definetly react to that. If you represent or are a part of an organization you can always write about stories (more or less funny) with people from the team.

Have an opinion and write it down. In the worst case scenario, when you are wrong, you’ll find people that can and probably will correct you – you may learn something new from that.

If you are sharing information try to write the tweet as a headline: short, to the point, in the most interesting way you can think about. When reading a newspapers people are looking at the headline first, often your tweets are the headlines of the message you are sending.



the internet How to interact with other Twitter users /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: How to organize your followers on Twitter

How to organize your followers on Twitter #1

As I already wrote, a great number of followers and friends can have bad influence on you time managing or, worse, a bad influence on you: the bad feeling created by too much Twitter contacts can be identified as social media oveload.

In that article I mentioned that there are several tools and strategies to manage the time on Twitter and to organize the followers and their content. I won’t cover again how to organize your lists, you can always read there if you are interested, but I want to tell you more about the other tools that does a great job in managing and analyzing for any Twitter user.

Twitter Analyzer

Twitter Analyzer is very advanced Twitter analytic system. It does not require your user and password, just type the in @name and you’ll get many statistics about the users you want to analyze and his followers.

Tweet Stats

TweetStats is similar to Twitter Analyzer, but with fewer options. Type the Twitter ID that you would like to analyze and the script will generate a detailed report about the trand of the user and his tweeting stile: the density of tweets, what time of day he tweets the most, the number of tweets in a particular period (day, week, month). It is also possible to see that interface the owner of the account uses the most (web, application, TweetDeck, etc).


Friend or Follow is a tool that will show you who’s following you but you are not following back. It shows only the statistic, so you have to manually follow or unfollow the people in the list. The tool only requires the name of the account to get his friends and fans.


the internet How to organize your followers on Twitter /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

The internet: How to get the most out of Twitter

How to get the most out of Twitter #1

It is said that once upon a time people where using phones and phone books if they wanted to know they business’s contact details, but that’s just a fairy tale for the youngest generations. Those day are behind us. The social networks are used mostly for the fun of it, a lot of people around the world lose countless hours every day exchanging information and jokes, watching pictures and videos, and, why not, tweeting. The social networks are one of the best places in the virtual world to promote (anything you want to promote), but you should be aware about the specific rules and the world every network is creating. Some things are general to all of them, but some are particular and if you don’t take them into consideration will be wasting a lot of time and energy for (almost) nothing.

The general ideas about promoting yourself and your clients or products on Twitter.

Define your goals

Too obvious, isn’t it? Maybe this is the reason how many people (including the ones involved in promoting their business) fail in defining some clear goals (or not at all in some cases) when are making waves in social media. The allure of social networks (not only Twitter) is strong and for a lot of internet users it’s tempting to look around to their competitors’ online marketing and to imitate their actions without fully understand what’s at stake.

So define exactly what you hope to gain from your promotion, you can only design it better when you know what you are doing. The goals depend of what you are selling/offering as services. I can not give detailed information as long I don’t know what you are promoting, but in order to get the most out of twitter you must have a working plan.

Exploit your medium

For Twitter to be effective you must send a clear and loud message. So tweet… and tweet again. Without frequent updates you are out of mind, you can grow stagnant. There is not limit to the number of times you can tweet, but you must interact with the other users to make yourself an audience. This means you can not only tweet official information or titles with links to your articles, you also have to talk with others.

Also, the social networks (for example Twitter and Facebok as two of the most well known) have enormous potential to spread promotion at viral rates. It’s up to you to use the tools they are offering and to take full advantage of them.

the internet How to get the most out of Twitter /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Campanii Oradea Premierea Wormtopia 2011, Utopium Oradea /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Campanii Oradea Premierea Wormtopia 2011, Utopium Oradea /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

După cum aţi aflat deja (probabil) de pe twitter şi/sau facebook, cîştigătoarea concursului Wormtopia 2011 organizat de Utopium este Terez Matza. Bravo şi felicitări. Anunţul a fost făcut la birourile agenţiei Utopium după ce pereţii au fost desenaţi şi pictaţi cu sîrg de către finalişti (şi nu numai). Am fost un pic tentat să mă apuc şi eu să “mîzgălesc”, dar la cît de mult “talent” am la desen ar fi trebuit să dărîme clădirea după ce aş fi terminat.

Albumul de pe Picasa cu cele mai multe dintre fotografiile (cîteva au fost prea neclare ca să le mai public) pe care le-am făcut este aici. Un alt album cu poze se găseşte pe pagina de facebook AdUtopium aici şi în articolul lui Andrei Popa.

Restaurantul Ciuperca, Oradea, iulie 2011

30 iulie 2011 a fost o sîmbătă ploioasă, iar în preajma restaurantului Ciuperca de pe dealul cu acelaşi nume am ajuns doar spre seară. Nu mai ploua, dar norii încă erau pe cer. Calitatea filmului nu este extraordinară din cauza luminii slabe, mai ales că aparatul Nikon Coolpix 8800 pe care-l folosesc nu scoate filme foarte calitative, dar este ceva diferit de imaginile făcute în plină zi.

Pagina mea personală este http://www.dan-marius.ro şi locuiesc, culmea, tocmai în Oradea, orasul de pe malurile Crisului Repede.

Sintem Supravirtual SRL si ne ocupam cu web design, realizare de software dedicat, sisteme IT, seo si consultanta in Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Oradea vazuta de pe dealul Ciuperca intr-o seara noroasa, iulie 2011

30 iulie 2011 a fost o sîmbătă ploioasă, iar pe Dealul Ciuperca am ajuns doar spre seară. Nu mai ploua, dar norii încă erau pe cer. Calitatea filmului nu este extraordinară din cauza luminii slabe, mai ales că aparatul Nikon Coolpix 8800 pe care-l folosesc nu scoate filme foarte calitative, dar este ceva diferit de imaginile făcute în plină zi cu Oradea văzută de sus.

Pagina mea personală este http://www.dan-marius.ro şi locuiesc, culmea, tocmai în Oradea.

Sintem Supravirtual SRL – ne ocupam cu web design, realizare de software dedicat, sisteme IT, seo si consultanta in Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Lucian Bute ramine campion

Am fost cam indecis dacă să scriu despre rezultatul ăsta sau nu, mai ales că victoria este deja cunoscută de foarte mulţi dintre românii din ţară şi din afară, dar şi de canadieni, francezi (parcă acolo a mai fost difuzat meciu). Se ştie foarte bine că Lucian Bute l-a învins pe francezul Jean Paul Mendy în repriza a patra cu un knock-out după o fentă cu mîna dreaptă şi o lovitură de stînga (nu mă întrebaţi din termenii din box pentru că habar-n-am de ei). Mai sînt o mulţime de alte chestii de scris despre, dar n-am de gînd să le reiau aici – aveţi la dispoziţiile de fluxurile de ştiri şi ziarele pentru acest lucru.

Vreau să abordez aici doar perspectiva personală şi ce-am observat în “mass-media” virtuală (adică pe internet). În primul rînd trebuie să menţionez că boxul nu este sportul meu preferat. Meciul de azi noapte a fost primul meci pe care l-am urmărit şi nu mi s-a părut chiar atît de interesant încît să mă convingă să mai urmăresc aşa ceva pe mai departe. Poate că această impresie se va schimba în viitor, dar mi s-a părut foarte tras de păr ca şi timp… a durat prea mult.

Pe de altă parte, foarte multă lume s-a apucat să comenteze pe twitter meciul. Nu este deloc ceva nou, comentariile pe reţelele de socializare se practică la fiecare eveniment mai important, dar nu pot să nu mă întreb cît de mulţi au pierdut faza knock-out-ului tocmai din cauză că erau atenţi la orice altceva decît la ce se întîmpla pe ring. Eu ştiu că am pierdut-o, am văzut doar în reluare momentul.

Tot ca la evenimente mai importante, bucureştenii s-au adunat în Piaţa Universităţii. Nu ştiu în ce măsură s-a întîmplat în alte oraşe, dar mă cam îndoiesc că s-au găsit interesaţi care să sărbătorească evenimentul. Partea bună este că Lucian Bute, campionul, a fost printre bucureşteni pentru a putea fi felicitat pentru succesul lui. Partea cu adevărat proastă este că patriotismul ăsta afişat în Piaţa Universităţii este doar unul de ocazie… durează cel mult o noapte iar la dimineaţă românii se vor întoarce la vieţile lor obişnuite în care (o foarte mare parte) îşi vor urî condiţia socială. Ne-ar trebui mult mai multe succese, de preferabil zilnic dacă s-ar putea, de felul celui din noaptea asta pentru a trezi o urmă de naţionalism (adică mîndria de a fi român – nu vă gîndiţi la alte bazaconii) în mulţi dintre locuitorii sau urmaşii locuitorilor spaţiului carpato-danubiano-pontic.

SUA si probleme cu Bin Laden

Cel mai important fapt al zilei, pe lîngă faptul că este 2 mai, zua tineretului, pare a fi anunțul că Osama Bin Laden a fost omorît de trupele americane (dacă am înțeles bine). Dincolo de zvonistica și de glumele care au început să circule pe tema asta (Al-Qaeda ar căuta șef de proiect, sau apariția fantomei lui Osama pe twitter – a atras 30 de mii de persoane care o urmăresc în numai cîteva ore), americanii au o problemă mare: trebuie să inventeze un nou dușman care să păstreze coeziunea oamenilor în fața problemelor de tot felul (începînd cu cele financiare). L-au omorît pe Sadam Hussein, au atacat mai recent Libia și îl agresează (cel puțin oficial) pe Muammar al Gaddafi… iar acum l-au omorît (cel puțin în declarații) pe Osama. În curînd vor rămîne singurii dușmani de pe planetă, și nu cred că se pot obișnui cu acest lucru.

Nu vreau să mă leg de autenticitatea informațiilor vehiculate… Osama ar putea fi mort de luni sau chiar de ani și s-ar putea ca acest moment al anunțului să fie ales din diverse motive, sau ar putea să rămînă ascuns încă o perioadă și apoi să le rîdă în nas mai vechilor săi aliați americani… n-am idee. Mă aștept însă să-l văd zîmbăreț peste vreo 2-3 zile, reîntors din morți cu un bum mai mare decît a avut vreodată Isus… mă aștept să se întîmple asta doar așa, de farmecul momentului. Am spus-o deja: trăim vremuri interesante, iar anul acesta este un an bun în acest sens.

Dincolo de vorbăraia pornită în toată lumea, azi a fost stîrnit un cuib de viespi care părea adormit. O dovadă excelentă a manipulării care joacă pe degete pe mulți… atenția tuturor este acum spre lumea arabă… din nou. Nunta regală abia s-a terminat, un moment de bucurie într-o lume cam prea războinică, așa că cineva s-a gîndit că este momentul perfect, că ar trebui să fim atenți și la alte chestii în afara noului cod al muncii de prin România.

Ca și concluzie, îi dedic lui Osama Bin Laden, oriunde este, filmulețul de mai jos… interpretat genial de Jeff Dunham și Achmed, terroristul mort. Problemele pe care, cel puțin le-a creat el, sînt departe de a se fi terminat… iar dacă SUA ar avea doar acele probleme ar scăpa al naibii de ieftin.

Articol preluat de aici, dar poate fi gasit si aici – a fost publicat 2 mai.

Protestele de la finante continua

Din cîte văd protestele celor de la finanţe continuă. Unii dintre ei sînt ferm decişi să protesteze pînă la capăt, oriunde ar fi acela. O parte dinte protestatari au dormit la faţa locului, li s-a adus apă şi cafea, iar protestele s-au răspîndit încă de ieri prin diverse oraşe mai mari din ţară.

Asta generează unele probleme la plăţile efectuate prin instituţiile statului către companii, dar cu siguranţă a blocat într-o măsură mai mare sau mai mică strîngerea taxelor de către stat. Chiar şi aşa, tot aprob acest protest. Politicienii noştri nu pot fi convinşi cu vorba bună, asta e clar de mult, şi doar o reacţie hotărîtă va distruge împotrivirea lor.

Pînă la urmă toţi funcţionarii publici, indiferent dacă sînt inspectori de la finanţe, miniştri sau preşedinte de ţară sînt în slujba statului român. Din acest punct de vedere se poate pune un semn de egalitate între toţi… faptul că unii sînt mai cu moţ pe măsură ce funcţiile sînt mai înalte este irelevant.

Articol preluat de aici.

Evoluţia lui Twitter

Mă gîndesc că majoritatea ştiţi deja ce este Twitter (şi nu mă refer la traducerea lui în limba română, adică la ciripit, ciripitor) şi că o (mare) parte îl folosiţi deja. I se spune micro-blogging din cauza numărului fix şi mic (140) de caractere la care este limitat un mesaj de acolo. Din cauza dimensiunii mici i se mai spune şi SMS-ul internetului. A fost fondat în 2006 şi dezvoltarea lui a fost explozivă: se estimează că în 2008 a fost folosit de 4-5 milioane de oameni iar în 2009 a ajuns la vreo 20-25 de milioane. Ca urmare a folosirii intense au urmat crearea a multor tipuri de aplicaţii care conţin Tweet sau Twit în nume şi au legătură cu ciripitul.

Ei bine, din ce-am citit pe reţea, expansiunea sa este în descreştere. Adică ceva perfect normal, aşa ceva era de aşteptat. Orice dezvoltare a unui produs sau a unei mărci (cînd vine vorba de numărul de utilizatori) atinge de-a lungul evoluţiei sale mai multe puncte critice între care creşte şi descreşte. Pentru mulţi Twitter-ul a devenit deja o parte a rutinei zilnice, într-o formă sau alta şi, ca de obicei, unii renunţă pentru a “face loc” (deşi în acest caz nu se pune problema lipsei de spaţiu) altora noi.

Puteţi găsi mai multe informaţii despre evoluţia Twitter-ului aici, am ajuns la locaţia respectivă prin intermediului mesajului lui Constantin Gheorghe aici.

Articol preluat de aici.


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