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the internet: How to filter followers on Twitter

How to filter followers on Twitter #1

We all know that Twitter is big and it’s changing every day in matters of users, quantity of tweets and trends, but only some (a few number) can realise how big really is and the details of the changes. Most of the Twitter users know parts of the system as they follow and interact with less than a thousand of other people, but even in this case the quantity of messages and tweets can be too much for a people to handle alone, with no tools available. It should stay online, conected to Twitter, all the time and it would definately fail after a time.

Fortunately there are a good number of methods and application to filter the followers and their content. In Twitter you can filter followers in many ways: there are groups formed on the basis of to the people whom you are connected and those people to whom you are connected. In both categories you can make groups further to organize your work properly and you can filter the unwanted user from your account.

You can filter the users on Twitter according to what they are saying by going to the search page, entering a term to searh and saving the results of the search.

On the list option create a list with a name and description and specifying if you want to make it private or public. After saving the lis you can always add as many followers you want to filter their tweets. Only you will see the tweets from a private list, all the Twitter world can see the tweets from your public lists and follow the users.

Blocking users is a helpful tool when you get from various accounts (fake or human created accounts) send spam, engage in persistent bothering and create other problems.


the internet How to filter followers on Twitter /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: How to organize your followers on Twitter


How to interact with other Twitter users #1

Managing your time on twitter and organizing your followersdepends of the reasons you are using Twitter. Most of the users do it for fun and to meet & chat with other people, some users organize full marketing campaigns on the social networks and use this one for audience and clients gathering. In any case, interacting with other Twitter uses is almost mandatory in order to meet the full social and full features of this website.

The most important thing you must remember when you are using Twitter isauthenticity. In 2 words: be yourself. Twitter is a microblogging website designed for people interacting with other people, the result is a community of men and women talking about whaterver they like or love. Repeating all the time what others say, without adding nothing personal won’t help in any way getting followers. Everybody has something to say, there are listeners for everyone. So start saying something… or, in this case, write tweets. Don’t be very formal. Experiment and be casual.

Avoid mundane tweets about what you ate at lunch or dinner. Or about the weather in the winter mornings. Nobody might care… write instead about your passions and share your activities in a way will make people listen. They will definetly react to that. If you represent or are a part of an organization you can always write about stories (more or less funny) with people from the team.

Have an opinion and write it down. In the worst case scenario, when you are wrong, you’ll find people that can and probably will correct you – you may learn something new from that.

If you are sharing information try to write the tweet as a headline: short, to the point, in the most interesting way you can think about. When reading a newspapers people are looking at the headline first, often your tweets are the headlines of the message you are sending.



the internet How to interact with other Twitter users /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: How to organize your followers on Twitter

How to organize your followers on Twitter #1

As I already wrote, a great number of followers and friends can have bad influence on you time managing or, worse, a bad influence on you: the bad feeling created by too much Twitter contacts can be identified as social media oveload.

In that article I mentioned that there are several tools and strategies to manage the time on Twitter and to organize the followers and their content. I won’t cover again how to organize your lists, you can always read there if you are interested, but I want to tell you more about the other tools that does a great job in managing and analyzing for any Twitter user.

Twitter Analyzer

Twitter Analyzer is very advanced Twitter analytic system. It does not require your user and password, just type the in @name and you’ll get many statistics about the users you want to analyze and his followers.

Tweet Stats

TweetStats is similar to Twitter Analyzer, but with fewer options. Type the Twitter ID that you would like to analyze and the script will generate a detailed report about the trand of the user and his tweeting stile: the density of tweets, what time of day he tweets the most, the number of tweets in a particular period (day, week, month). It is also possible to see that interface the owner of the account uses the most (web, application, TweetDeck, etc).


Friend or Follow is a tool that will show you who’s following you but you are not following back. It shows only the statistic, so you have to manually follow or unfollow the people in the list. The tool only requires the name of the account to get his friends and fans.


the internet How to organize your followers on Twitter /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

The internet: How to get the most out of Twitter

How to get the most out of Twitter #1

It is said that once upon a time people where using phones and phone books if they wanted to know they business’s contact details, but that’s just a fairy tale for the youngest generations. Those day are behind us. The social networks are used mostly for the fun of it, a lot of people around the world lose countless hours every day exchanging information and jokes, watching pictures and videos, and, why not, tweeting. The social networks are one of the best places in the virtual world to promote (anything you want to promote), but you should be aware about the specific rules and the world every network is creating. Some things are general to all of them, but some are particular and if you don’t take them into consideration will be wasting a lot of time and energy for (almost) nothing.

The general ideas about promoting yourself and your clients or products on Twitter.

Define your goals

Too obvious, isn’t it? Maybe this is the reason how many people (including the ones involved in promoting their business) fail in defining some clear goals (or not at all in some cases) when are making waves in social media. The allure of social networks (not only Twitter) is strong and for a lot of internet users it’s tempting to look around to their competitors’ online marketing and to imitate their actions without fully understand what’s at stake.

So define exactly what you hope to gain from your promotion, you can only design it better when you know what you are doing. The goals depend of what you are selling/offering as services. I can not give detailed information as long I don’t know what you are promoting, but in order to get the most out of twitter you must have a working plan.

Exploit your medium

For Twitter to be effective you must send a clear and loud message. So tweet… and tweet again. Without frequent updates you are out of mind, you can grow stagnant. There is not limit to the number of times you can tweet, but you must interact with the other users to make yourself an audience. This means you can not only tweet official information or titles with links to your articles, you also have to talk with others.

Also, the social networks (for example Twitter and Facebok as two of the most well known) have enormous potential to spread promotion at viral rates. It’s up to you to use the tools they are offering and to take full advantage of them.

the internet How to get the most out of Twitter /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Lumea vie: Orhidee Orchidaceae origine, inmultire, varietati

Orhidee (Orchidaceae): origine, înmulţire, varietăţi #1Orhidee (Orchidaceae): origine, înmulţire, varietăţi #2

Orhideele (Orchidaceae) formează cea mai diversificată şi mai răspîndită familie de plante superioade, face parte din cadrul monocotiledonatelor şi conţine 900 de genuri, peste 30 de mii de specii şi peste 200 de mii de hibrizi. Pe vremuri doar persoanele bogate deţineau şi îngrijeau orhidee, dar între timp (prima încercare de creşetere a orhideelor s-a făcut pe la mijlocul anulor 1700) s-au făcut progrese în ce priveşte înmulţirea şi îngrijirea acestora. Multe dintre orhidee sînt uşor de crescut pentru că sînt destul de rezistente şi pot supravieţui mulţi ani în ghivece cu îngrijire corespunzătoare.

Cele mai multe specii de orhidee cresc în zonele tropicale şi subtropicale, dar tocmai rezistenţa lor le face să fie găsite în orice mediu din lume, inclusiv în România: plantele cunoscute sub numele de Papucul Doamnei (Cypripeidum calceolus) şi Sîngele Voinicului (Nigritella rubra, nigra) sînt orhidee celebre. Multe dintre orhideele de apartament sînt epifite, adică acele plante care în mediul natural cresc în scorburile arborilor sau pe arbori. Litofitele sînt orhideele care cresc pe stînci, dar plantele care se găsesc de obicei în mediul natural al zonelor temperate sînt în general terestre (cresc pe sol).

Frunzele orhideelor sînt de obicei verzi, dar unele specii sau hibrizi au frunze frumoase cu diverse marmoraţii. Florile orhideelor sînt disponibile într-o mare varietate de culori: albe, galbene, albastre, portocalii, roşii, etc. Unele flori sînt dungate sau au pete de culoare. În funcţie de specie florile supravieţuiesc de la o săptămînă la 4 luni după apariţie.

Mirosul orhideelor variază şi el în funcţie de specie şi gen: multe nu au miros, altele au mirosuri placute: scorţişoară, cocos, ciocolată, lămîie sau portocale. Unele dintre ele au chiar miros de carne putrezită. Vanilia folosită în comerţ este extrasă din special de orhidee Vanilla planifolia, originară din Mexic. Aceasta este o orhidee tropicală care poate deveni imensă în dimensiuni. Unele tipuri de orhidee pot creşte pînă la 20 de metri în lungime.

Lumea vie Orhidee Orchidaceae origine, inmultire, varietati /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Lumea vie: Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii) origine, inmultire, varietati

Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii) este un gen de plante din familia Asteraceae, ordinul Asterales. Este originară din America de Sud, Africa de Sud şi Asia şi poartă numele unor botanişti germani. Gerbera a ajuns în Europa pe la 1900 şi s-a impus printre florile cele mai comercializate de pe continent 60 de ani mai tîrziu. Ajunge la o înălţime de 45 de cm. şi un diametru de 45 de cm. Există aproximativ 40 de specii răspîndite în Africa, Madagascar, Asia tropicală şi America de Sud.

Prima descriere ştiinţifică a gerberei a fost realizată de J.D. Hooker în Revista Botanică Curtis în 1889 cînd a descris Gerbera jamesonii, specie cunoscută şi ca margareta Transvaal sau margareta Berberton. Gerbera este de asemenea cunoscută în lume şi ca margareta africană.

Gerbera este o plantă tufoasă, cu tulpina rizomatoasă şi frunze adînc crestate.  Fiecare plantă are mai mult de 10 frunze de culoare verde, aranjate într-o coroană paralelă cu pămîntul. Florile pot fi simple (asemănătoare margaretelor) sau duble, în funcţie de varietatea plantei ele dimensiunea lor variază între 10 şi 25 de cm. în diametru.Florile pot fi albe, galbene, roşii, roz, portocalii şi grena, de obicei au mijlocul mai intens colorat. Cele mai multe flori apar în perioada aprilie-iunie şi în al doilea an de vegetaţie a florii. Rădăcinile gerberei sînt profunde, putînd ajunge pînă la 80 de cm. în adîncime.

Există mulţi hibrizi de gerberă a căror culori variază mult, genul poate fi cultivat în grădină, ghivece individuale şi decorative, împreună cu alte specii de plante. Gerbera înfloreşte toată perioada anului.

Lumea vie Gerbera Gerbera jamesonii origine, inmultire, varietati /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Lumea vie: Garoafe (Dianthus caryophyllus) origine, inmultire, varietati


Garoafa (Dianthus caryophyllus) este o plantă erbacee aparținînd familiei Caryophyllaceae. Tulpina ajunge la 60 cm – 1 metru înălțime (deşi majoritatea varietăţilor cultivate în grădină sau în ghiveci ajung la 25-50 cm), are frunzele înguste și ascuțite dispuse în opoziție și flori ce pot avea o gamă amplă de culori. Numele genului provine de la denumirea grecească (dianthus) a florii lui Zeus (sau floare divină): Dios = Zeus şi antos = floare. După cum probabil v-aţi dat deja seama, garoafa are origine mediteraneeană, dar s-a răspîndit în atît în Europa cît şi în Asia. Genul cuprinde peste 200 de specii.

Garoafa se înmulţeşte sexuat (prin seminţe), iar data semănatului diferă de la o specie la alta: garoafa Chabaud se seamănă în primele două luni ale anului în sere sau în răsadniţe, în timp ce garoafele chinezeşti se seamănă în martie în lădiţe aflate în solarii încălzite, răsadniţe temperate sau în sere.

Garoafa are frunze ascuţite, lanceolate, de culoare gri-verzui, asezate de-a lungul tulpinii. Florile pot fi simple sau duble, de mai multe culori. În funcţie de specie, garoafele înfloresc anual, de două ori pe an sau încontinuu. Ele înfloresc mai ales în perioadele cu temperaturi scăzute ale anului, la începutul iernii. Unele specii sau hibrizi de garoafe nu au parfum, dar au o mare varietate de culori.

Dianthus chinensis (garoafa chinezească) are tulpina ramificată cu înălţimea pînă la 45 cm., frunzele sînt liniare, sesile de culoare verde-albăstrui. Florile ajung la 8 cm în diametru, sînt simple sau involte şi au culori diferite, nu au miros. Înfloresc de la sfîrşitul lunii mai pînă toamna tîrziu.


Lumea vie Garoafe Dianthus caryophyllus origine, inmultire, varietati /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: Things to be careful of when using MP3 converters to convert YouTube videos

The first important thing you should be careful about youtube videos is what you dowload from there. Some of the video are copywrited and you may have some legal problems when you download them.

Second thing you should consider is what software you use to convert the video into mp3. There are a lot of free software that do the job (a few are really good), but for some of them you have to pay. If the second case the problems will appear when you use cracks or key generator for the licence code you may have problems. The immediate problems are the viruses and malwares that usually come along the key generators (the executables are often infected with them), the long time problems are the legal ones. The software developers know about the methods to avoid paying for licence and they are creating new methods to catch you in the act – one way or another they’ll get you.

Probably the best way to download videos and convert them to mp3 is to use several softwares in the same time. The number is limited only by your desire and the software requirements (your computer may not be good enough for some software), but you should use more then one. Consider that some of the videos may not be accessibles with one software (considering you are using the same tool to download and convert) but they will be downloaded by the other one.

the internet Things to be careful of when using MP3 converters to convert YouTube videos /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: Is it legal to use MP3 converters to convert YouTube videos

There are a lot of softwares and browser plugins that can download videos from youtube in different formats (mp3, mp4, flv, etc). The questions about the legality of the download and conversion of the videos is still being debating over the internet and usually the answers depends about if the downloaded content is copywriting or not. Some people says that it’s legal as long the video is not protected by the copyright laws.

By the other hand, when somebody uploads videos on youtube he/she has 2 options about the licence: standard youtube licence and Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed). The default licence set when uploading any video is the standard youtube licence, so when there is a different situation the owner of the video must select the CCA licence.

the internet Is it legal to use MP3 converters to convert YouTube videos /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Lumea vie: Cale Zantedeschia origine, inmultire, varietati


Calele (Zantedeschia) reprezintă un gen de plante erbacee din familia Araceae, originare din Africa de Sud la nord de Malawi şi trăiesc în zonele mlăştinoase. Este o plantă decorativă cu frunze mari în formă de săgeată şi una dintre frunze răsucită în formă de comet, înconjurînd inflorescenţa. Genul poartă numele botanistului şi fiziologului Giovanni Zantedeschi (1773-1846).

Calele se pot înmulţi pe cale sexuată (prin seminţe – este un proces dificil), dar şi pe cale asexuată, în momentul replantării prelevînd vlăstarele laterale, dezvoltate în jurul rizomului. După tăiere vlăstarele se plantează în ghivece cu compost suficient de mare pentru plantele adulte.

Speciile de Zantedeschia sînt otrăvitoare datorită oxalatului de calciu prezent în ele. Toate părţile plantei sînt toxice, iar atunci cînd sînt consumate produc iritaţii cu inflamarea cavităţii bucale şi a gîtului, diare acută şi stări de vomă. Cu toate acestea, frunzele plantei sînt gătite şi consumate în unele cazuri.

Zantedeschia aethiopica este specia cea mai cunoscută: are rizomi scurţi şi riguroşi, din care pornesc frunzele mari, lungi de 45 cm şi late de 25 cm, susţinute de peţioli lungi şi cărnoşi. Flunzele sînt colorate verde închis strălucitor, deosebit de frumoase. Între sfîrşitul iernii şi începutul verii apare penduculul floral care susţine o barctee mare, lungă de 15-25 cm, colorată alb-crem şi un spadix galben-auriu. Tulpina florală este riguroasă, înaltă de 50-100 cm care poartă în vîrf inflorescenţa alcătuită dintr-un spadice cilindric şi o spată albă. Planta creşte în tufe bogată în frunze şi flori de eleganţă unică.

Lumea vie Cale Zantedeschia origine, varietati /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Hobbies and games: How to start collecting vintage lunch boxes

I never had a lunch box as a child (I am too young and on the wrong continent for that), but I have heard a lot of things during time about this North American habit that became an industry a few decades ago, between the 1950 and 1980s. Those decaded were even considered the Golden Age of lunch boxes, as the US’ baby boomers entered kindergarden and they needed to be fed regularly. But the story of the lunch boxes starts ealier, as the laborers carried latching lunch buckets made from toolbox-grade metal. In the years 1880 kids created lunckboxes from colorful tin cookie, biscuit or even tobacco boxes. The first lunckbox inspired from the pop culture was created in 1935 and featured Mickey Mouse.

The first popular lunchbox model was made by Alladin Industries, it was featuring Hopalong Cassidy, and the ohter companies followed suit, making their own lunch kits for children. In those decades there were sold over 120 million in US as the competition between companies developed into an industry as each company tried to capitalize on the popularity of cartoon series, television and movies. After 1950 everthing from Snoopy Dog, Tom and Jerry, Charlie Brown and Star Wars were emprinted on the lunck boxes all around United States. Some of them were sold along with a matching thermos.

Usually the vintage lunckboxes are made of vinyl, plastic or metal, most of them are square, while some feature a domed top.

Knowing this it will be easier for you know how to start collecting vintage lunch boxes: Hobbies and games: How to start collecting vintage lunch boxes

Hobbies and games: Rube Goldberg and his inventive contraptions

Reuben Garret Lucius Goldberg lived from July 4, 1883 to December 7, 1970 and he was and North American cartoonist, sculptor, inventor, engineer and author. His father led him to study engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. According to
biography.com he graduated in 1904 and he started working as sewer system designer, but he left after only 4 months to become a sportswriter and cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle (until 1905), for San Francisco Bulletin (from 1905 to 1907) and New York Evening Mail (1907-1921) where he created 3 long running comic strips.

Hobbies and games Rube Goldberg and his inventive contraptions /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Internet: Politica de confidentialitate a lui Google, versiunea ianuarie-martie 2012

Nu e deloc un secret că Google încearcă mereu să schimbe tot felul de chestii pe domeniile lor în încercarea de a acapara o bucată de piaţă cît mai mare, de multe ori în defavoarea celor care le folosesc serviciilor. Nu e deloc un secret că în multe situaţii duc o politică discreţionară, în funcţie de ce le tună lor pe moment, fără să le dea explicaţii aceloraşi utilizatori de care, pînă la urmă, depind (într-o măsură mai mare sau mai mică).

Ultima lor chestie este modificarea politicii de confidenţialitate pe care o vor pune în practică începînd în 1 martie 2012, dar pe care au făcut-o deja publică. O puteţi studia aici dacă doriţi, de fapt chiar vă sugerez şi vă îndemn să o faceţi. Motivul este că modul de colectare a datelor personale şi de acces la reţea (prin ce dispozitiv o faceţi, cum şi unde) se schimbă destul de radical (cel puţin din punctul meu de vedere) şi trebuie avut foarte mare grijă cînd le introduceţi (aici mă refer în special la datele voastre personale).

Internet Politica de confidentialitate a lui Google, versiunea ianuarie-martie 2012 /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Internet: Libertatea internetul romanesc si ACTA


Nu demult, cu numai cîteva zile în urmă, oamenii de la wikipedia, wordpress şi reddit (cel puţin din cîte am observat eu, dar cu siguranţă sînt doar cîţiva dintr-o listă foarte lungă) protestau la greu pe internet pentru nord americanilor de a legaliza SOPA şi au avut succes: proiectul a fost retras (cel puţin temporar – dacă am înţeles bine).

Azi am aflat despre varianta europeană a proiectului american: ea se numeşte Anti-Counterfeiting Trage Agreement (ACTA) care vizează combaterea pirateriei online şi a comercializării de produse contrafăcute. Informaţia circulă pe reţea de ieri, dar numai acum a ajuns la mine: 22 de ţări din Uniunea Europeană, inclusiv România, au semnat acest act la sediul Ministerului Afacerilor Externe din Japonia. Ţările semnatare sînt Austria, Belgia, Bulgaria, Cehia, Danemarca, Finlanda, Franţa, Grecia, Ungaria, Irlanda, Italia, Lituania, Letonia, Luxemburg, Malta, Polonia, Portugalia, Slovenia, Spania, Suedia şi Marea Britanie. Proiectul a fost iniţiat de Japonia care a aderat la tratat în 1 octombrie 2011 împreună cu Australia, Canada, Coreea de Sud, Maroc, Noua Zeelandă, Singapore şi Statele Unite.


Internet Libertatea internetul romanesc si ACTA /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Hobbies and games: Tips for doing jigsaw puzzles quickly

Jigsaw puzzles are fun to make and an inexpensive hobby that make you think, they are a great exercise for your shape and colors identification abilities. As they may vary a lot: from simple scene and larges pieces to huge scenes or pictures with small pieces, they are in different digrees of complexity so it’s not wrong to say they also build great logical skills and spatial reasoning. From the perspective of number of pieces, the small puzzles are from 50 to 300 pieces, the medium puzzle are from 300 to 1000 pieces. The big puzzle are, of course, over 1000 pieces, and they are intended to involved a group of people (as family activity, for example). The most important thing to remember when you are getting a jigsaw puzzle is that they can be played by one person as well the entire family.

Putting a jigsaw puzzle together can be achieved efficiently and simply in several steps easy to follow.

Hobbies and games Tips for doing jigsaw puzzles quickly /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Hobbies and games: Best websites for free printable flower coloring pages

Traditional coloring book is a type of book containing line art, the reader only have to fill in with color as he wants. Usually they are used by children, but the pasion is not limited by age. Like many other activities coloring is now present over the internet as free online coloring pages, drawing games, printables, connect the dots and kids puzzles. They are considered interesting and funny and kids can’t resist to do these activities.

Coloring choices range from simple pictures for small children (preschoolers), quilters and craft artists up to elaborate fine line drawings and wall-size murals. Lately you can make your own coloring pages from photographs and create personalized coloring books for special occasions (like birthday parties and weddings).

Some of the best websites for free printable flower coloring pages are:

Hobbies and games Best websites for free printable flower coloring pages /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Gadgets: Prevent gizmo frustration, read the instructions

Do you know what RTFM mean? It’s an abbreviation of Read The Fucking Manual. It’s usually said or written in response to a question when a person being asked believes that the question can be easily answered by reading the instractions or user’s manual. That usually happen when people buy themselves a gizmo, go home and unpack it, then they start using it and soon after they are getting error messages or the device does not work properly (as they want or as it should work). The first impression is that the gizmo is deffective or they never got what they asked ar the store, but it usually that’s not it. The most common problems in first days of usage are triggered by the wrong usage of a device – any device (it works the same for computers, tablets, smartphones, washing machines or cars).

Gadgets Prevent gizmo frustration, read the instructions /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Technology Technology that changed the world /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Some asked me not long ago what tehnologies changed the world to make is as we know it now. Even my favourite tehnology is the transistor, the list of them is so long it can take days or weeks to enumerate them. I’ll try mention a few of them, the one that I consider the most important.

Steam engines, 1698

In 1698 the British inventor Thomas Savery patented a steam-powered pump which he described as an “engine to raise water by fire”. Thomas Savery’s very basic engine relied on a theory that had been around for several centuries but never successfully applied: the steam would create a vacuum and pull water upwards through a pipe. The technology was improved later with pistons and cylinders by Thomas Newcomen, a blacksmith, and again by Watt in the mid-18th century.


Technology Technology that changed the world /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Computers Best file recovery software /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Usually data can be lost or deleted from your PC, gadget or removable area due any number of various reason. Beyon hardware error or malfunction, the most common data loss reason include human error, disk formats, improper device handling. It can make any user fell frustrated as inaccesible data usually brings wastage of time and energy (user’s energy), often it brings loss in business reputation and/or downtime and wastage of money.

There are a lot of data recovery software over the internet, a simple search with any search engines. I’ve listed a few programs that are in the top list.

Computers Best file recovery software /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Computers Best P2P file sharing software /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

As millions of people are using P2P file sharing software to swap music, movies and videos, books and various other files over the internet (like software or cracks for them). There are a lot of free peer-to-peer file sharing programs “on the market”, some of them offers their users great numbers of files of different kind to choose from, some software uses network resources. If your question is “what’s the best P2P file sharing program I should use?” the answers is that depends on your needs and how you know and like to do things. You can find some programs easier to use than others, and more, each program has its own strengths and weakness. Some people uses two or three P2P softwares depending of easy to find are the files they are searching.

Even I don’t recommend (loudly) the usage of the P2P software because the copyright infrigements that they can bring, they were very useful in some situation when they provided songs or other files that were otherwise unavailable. So I have a few recommendation about the programms I used or (mostly) I found about from others.


Computers Best P2P file sharing software /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Computers What is a Compact Flash CF card /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Compact Flash is a small, removable mass storage device used in portable electronic devices. It’s a popular card choice for use with personal digital assistants (PDAs) and digital cameras, but not only that. The card weigh a half ounce (about 15 grams), it have the size of a matchbook or even smaller (the latest models) and it was first introduced in 1994 by SanDisk. The card provide complete PCMCIA-ATA functionality and compatibility. Most Compact Flash devices contain a flash memory in a standardized enclosure, the cards are designed with flash technology – that’s a nonvolatile storage solution that does not require a battery to retain data indefinitely.

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Computers What is a Compact Flash CF card /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Gadgets A guide to Nintendo game consoles /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

For the people who does not know about the history of the company and their experience in this area, Nintendo is a company that produces video games even before the birth of the Playstation and Xbox. It was originally a Japanese playing-card company.

As every good introduction begins with the products list, let me present the Nintendo game consoles from the beginning to this day. Thare are 2 major categories: home consoles and portable consoles.

  • Home consoles
    • 1.1 Color TV Game
    • 1.2 Nintendo Entertainment System
    • 1.3 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    • 1.4 Nintendo 64
    • 1.5 Nintendo GameCube
    • 1.6 Wii
    • 1.7 Wii U
  • 2 Portable consoles
    • 2.1 Game & Watch
    • 2.2 Game Boy line
    • 2.3 Virtual Boy
    • 2.4 Nintendo DS
    • 2.5 Nintendo 3DS

Gadgets A guide to Nintendo game consoles /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Hobbies and games Autumn apple harvest Activities and craft ideas for kids /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

I don’t believe that you trully lived unless you’ve tasted every season at their full strength, with their own colors and smells. Besides the spring, the autumn is probably the most beautifull of them: the heat of the summer is still present, but it’s starting to get colder and the mists of the night can seem somehow magical when you are gathering around the fire with your friends, the colors are changing from the green of the plants and the gold of the sun in the shiny days into the yellow and green and brown of the autumn. There is nothing more beautiful than the hills covered with forests into the autumn, with their entire spectrum of colors and smells… this is probably the most important reason people are trying to get small parts of the forest (things to remind them about that beauty during the winter) into their homes, trying to prolong the moment until the spring.

Hobbies and games Autumn apple harvest Activities and craft ideas for kids /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Webdesign Tips how to improve website and blog traffic for free /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Write unique content as often as you can

Search engines (especially Google) love unique content and have the tendency to ignore and even ban (in extreme cases) websites that only copy and paste content from other. Writing often will only make people return on your site, especially if you are writing well and you post good images or videos.

Target your posts to dedicated keywords

When the crawlers and spides are indexing your articles they are looking for words they are repeating, for the keys that can represent the real subject of the post. It’s important not to repeat the selected keywords very often because they will be ignored and the post (or even the website of the method is repeated in too many posts) will be penalized. Keep these keywords as tags for your post (I’ll treat them later in this article).


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Webdesign Tips how to improve website and blog traffic for free /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

evenimente Oradea Deschiderea clubului The Spot din Oradea /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

evenimente Oradea Deschiderea clubului The Spot din Oradea /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.


Nu prea mă am cu cluburile din Oradea, ajung prin ele foarte rar şi nu le ştiu pe toate. De fapt, de multe ori, cînd îmi spune cîte ceva de vreun club din oraş trebuie să mă gîndesc bine ca să-mi dau seama cam în ce zonă este. Aşa că articolul ăsta este un pic cam atipic din perspectiva necunoaşterii mele: sîmbătă, în 21 ianuarie 2012, se va inaugura clubul The Spot din Oradea.

Locaţia se află în locul fostului club Babylon din Episcopia Oradea, se spune că organizatorii îi aşteaptă pe oaspeţi cu multe surprize. Evenimentul va începe de la ora 22, iar rezervările se pot face la numărul de telefon 0733-962934.

Computers Why the Turing test is a poor gauge for todays artificial intelligences /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Computers Why the Turing test is a poor gauge for todays artificial intelligences /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.


You might have noticed the huge progess of the computer processing power and the development of the programming algorithms in the laste decades, especially if you have lived them. This evolution of technology made possible the appearance of the Artificial Intelligence, pieces of complex software that can interact with their environment, learn from its changes and their own actions. In one word: they adapt. Some examples are the supercomputers that are masters in chess, walking computers like Asimov from Honda (perhaps the most famous one), rolling robots that have a lof of tasks to acomplish in labs with only one target in mind: further development of their algorithms and their inteligence.

As the definition says, the Turing test is a test of machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour, a criterion proposed by Alan Turing for deciding whethever a computer is intelligent. Even if it can be considered that if a computer acts, reacts and interacts like a sentient being that it is sentient, the Turing test also states that to be considered sentient an Artificial Intelligence must acheive a 30% succes rate, that means it must convince a human that he is talking to another huma in 30% of all the trials. So, if a computer’s conversation is indistiguishable from a human’s conversation and it can fool a human for some time than the machine and its Artificial Intelligence can be credited with some intelligence.

Geriatria si bolile batrinetii,Noutati Good Samaritean – Centru de ingrijire varstnici, azil de batrani, Fundatia Aliabis, in Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Geriatria si bolile batrinetii,Noutati Good Samaritean – Centru de ingrijire varstnici, azil de batrani, Fundatia Aliabis, in Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Ştim cu toţii că organismul uman, pe măsură ce înaintează în vîrstă, suferă o serie de modificări legate de regresul functiilor fiziologice datorită uzurii şi a factorilor interni şi externi. Acest lucru determină o diminuare a capacităţii de răspuns la stres şi o sporire a incidenţei bolilor. Cu înaintarea în vîrstă se diminuează rezistenţa şi capacitatea fizică, funcţiile pulmonare, cardiace, renale, endocrine, auditive şi vizuale.

Geriatria este o ramură a medicinei care studiază şi tratează bolile bătrîneţii. Cîteva dintre aceste boli apar în lista de mai jos.

Hipertensiunea arteriala Emfizem pulmonar Cardiopatie ischemica Insuficienta cardiaca Ateroscleroza Diabet Osteoporoza Reumatismul degenerativ (artroza) Boala Alzheimer Boala Parkinson Hernia de disc Adenom de prostate Cataracta senile

De ce este mai bine la caminul de batrini decit ingrijirea virstinicilor acasa,Noutati Good Samaritean – Centru de ingrijire varstnici, azil de batrani, Fundatia Aliabis, in Oradea, Bihor, Romania

De ce este mai bine la caminul de batrini decit ingrijirea virstinicilor acasa,Noutati Good Samaritean – Centru de ingrijire varstnici, azil de batrani, Fundatia Aliabis, in Oradea, Bihor, Romania.


Prin îngrijirea bătrînilor acasă înţelegem angajarea cuiva autorizat să îngrijească vîrstnicii de către familia acestora, nu de îngrijirea pe care fiecare familie ar trebui să o îndeplinească pentru propriile persoane în vîrstă.

Timpul pe care la dispoziţie o persoană este limitat de acţiunile în care se implică. Astfel, cu cît cineva se implică în mai multe acţiuni sau în acţiuni de anvergură mai mare, cu atît timp are la dispoziţie să se implice în acţiunile care au sau pot avea importanţă. Ajutorul autorizat apare în momentul în care persoanele adulte dintr-o familie nu mai au timp suficient să se ocupe de membrii fără activitate, iar pe primul plan sînt copii şi vîrstnicii. Deşi mulţi preferă să îi lase acasă şi să vină alţii să se îngrijească de ei, mai ales dacă au suficienţi bani la dispoziţie, ca alternative la asta pentru copii există creşele şi grădiniţele iar pentru cei în vîrtă există azilurile de bătrîni. Sau căminele de îngrijire ori căminele de bătrîni – spuneţi-le cum vreţi, reprezintă acelaşi lucru, doar exprimarea diferă în funcţie de persoană şi zona geografică.

Manifestarea dementei, cauze si metode de identificare a bolnavilor,Noutati Good Samaritean – Centru de ingrijire varstnici, azil de batrani, Fundatia Aliabis, in Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Manifestarea dementei, cauze si metode de identificare a bolnavilor,Noutati Good Samaritean – Centru de ingrijire varstnici, azil de batrani, Fundatia Aliabis, in Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Demenţa este una dintre bolile bătrîneţii care pare să aibă tot mai mare răspîndire printre oamenii timpurilor noastre, chiar ajungînd să afecteze nu doar bătrînii ci şi oameni mai tineri. În momentul de faţă nu se cunoaşte o vindecare, dar identificarea ei rapidă ajută la ameliorarea stării bolnavilor şi la o oarecare amînare a progresului bolii spre formele mai grave.

Ce este demenţa?

Demenţa este o afecţiune a creierului caracterizată prin prierderi de memorie, dificultăţi de învăţare şi comunicare. Formele uşoare permit o socializare destul de bună între bolnav şi oamenii din jurul lui, dar pe măsura ce boala avansează devine din ce în ce mai greu ca persoana afectată să aibă grijă de sine. În cazurile mai grave demenţa poate determina modificări ale personalităţii şi stării de spirit a bolnavului, dar în faza de debut pot fi deranjante doar tulburările de memorie şi de gîndire ale acestuia. O persoană diagnosticată cu demenţă nu este conştientă de schimbările prin care trece şi de probleme care apar.

Computers Computer basics What is an algorithm /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Computers Computer basics What is an algorithm /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

According to its defintions, in mathematics and computer science an algorithm is a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps as for finding the greatest common divisor. In other words, an algorithm is an effective method to get an initial state or an initial input, to compute that value (or values) through a step-by-step procedure to obtain a finite number of well defined states and, finally, to produce an output and terminating to get a final ending state.

From a mathematician’s point of view, an algorithm is a specific and logical procedure that has to be followed in order to solve a given math problem. An example of a very basic algorithm is multiplying two 5 digit numbers – try to do it yourself by hand, using a pencil, a piece of paper and the specific algorithm.


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